5 Reasons to Keep an Air Purifier Running 24/7

Over the years, air purifiers have grown in popularity as one of the most highly advised gadgets. 46% of houses with two or more adults have air purifiers, according to consumer trends surveys.

The benefits of adequate air filtration to our general welfare are becoming more and more commonplace. Should I always have my air purifier on? It remains a dilemma that both new and experienced owners struggle with. Without a doubt, yes. Listed below are the causes.

  • Air purifiers are made to run continuously – Air purifier filters are designed to run continuously. High-end air purifiers come with energy-efficient motors that are not only incredibly silent but also backed by a long warranty. Before being put on the market, the top air purifiers must pass stringent testing to ensure that they are at their peak performance and prepared for prolonged use.
  • Continuous filtering is available from air purifiers – The best strategy to guarantee the highest air quality level is to leave an air purifier on continuously. In order to clean the air, air purifiers force it through their filters. Therefore, proper air filtration must always be kept up within the home or business in order to enjoy the fantastic benefits of breathing clean and fresh air.

There is constant dust in the air, along with pollutants like smoke, bacteria, viruses, and even pet dander. To prevent unintentional inhalation of certain allergens, an air purifier that is running continually removes them completely.

  • Electricity usage is lower with air purifiers – Switching the air purifier on and off and back on again is a frequent habit in many homes to avoid leaving the unit on continuously. Although it might seem that the goal of this technique is to reduce energy expenditures, doing so is unnecessary and even counterproductive.

Compared to other home equipment, air purifiers don’t use a lot of electricity. Most HEPA air purifiers with an operating time of 24 hours, rated at 50 to 100 watts per hour, cost about $6 to $10 per month or $72 to $120 per year. Therefore, turning on your air purifier continuously won’t cause your utility expenditures to soar.

  • The majority of air purifiers include an Auto mode – The air purifier’s innovative auto mode intelligently regulates the fan speed based on the level of air pollution. The device detects the high concentration of air contaminants using its intelligent built-in sensors, and increases the fan speed to get rid of them. On the other hand, if air pollution is minimal, the fan will operate at a low level. It’s a fantastic feature that enables you to continuously use your air purifier without using a lot of energy or raising your utility bills.
  • The majority of air purifiers have short circuit protection – The majority of air purifiers have short circuit protection built in as a safety measure, which instantly cuts the power to the device or switches it off when an electrical problem is discovered.

Short circuit protection is crucial if you wish to use the air purifier constantly, especially at night when everyone is asleep. There’s no need to be concerned that the home air purifier could start a fire. There is no doubt that this safety feature brings peace of mind.

Should you turn on your air purifier always, then, in light of the above mentioned points? Of course, I say! Running your air purifier constantly is actually the best way to get the most out of it. The continual operation of this energy-efficient appliance is built-in. The air purifier can be turned on at its lowest setting, or you can acquire a plant, if you are still concerned that it will increase your electric bill. Your air purifier can operate more efficiently since indoor plants provide natural oxygen. You can contact HEPA filter manufacturers to get to know more about and order a good quality air purifier.

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